4000 N. Maize Road #24000

These billboards are located on Maize Road just north of 37th Street – the highest traffic location in Maize. Right down the street from Lowe’s, Menards, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Across from Halstead Bank, Hampton Lakes Shopping Center and the Holiday Inn, and the gateway to New Market Square and north west Wichita’s largest shopping district. More than 20,000 people see these signs each day and is the ONLY billboard in Maize, Kansas.

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Billboard Details

Property ID: 24000
Media Type: Digital Poster
Height: 10
Width: 120
Length of Digital Ad: 8 seconds
Traffic Count VPD: 22,400
View Time: 8 seconds
Facing: North
Read: Left
Cross Reads: Maize Road & 37th St. N.
Latitude: 37.756901
Longitude: -97.462534
Illuminated Hours: 24
Artwork Dimension: 896 x 288 pixels, 96 dpi, RGB image, JPEG file
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 64 seconds, 1350 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 2.13 minutes, 675 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 3.2 minutes, 450 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 4.26 minutes, 335 ads/day
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