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Digital Billboards

A digital billboard can change advertising content using digital technology. Content is static with multiple advertising messages presented in rotation every eight seconds.

Vinyl Billboards

A billboard is a large format advertising display intended for viewing from extended distances, generally more than 50 feet. Billboard displays include, but are not limited to: bulletins, junior posters and spectaculars.

GeoPath Rating Explained

Geopath Ratings are changing the way out-of-home is planned, bought and sold.

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Geopath Ratings have replaced the 75-year-old DEC (Daily Effective Circulation) counts. Most importantly, this provides a new level of accountability that will generate more confidence in buying from an independent billboard operator. It is now easier than ever to target a specific motorist and compare apples to apples between an independent or corporate conglomerate’s billboard network. Always make sure you are purchasing advertising from a Geopath-audited billboard company

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Tips & Tricks When Designing for Billboards

As a general rule, digital artwork is best with bold fonts that contrast with the background. Artwork for signs should be clear, simple, precise and easy to read. Use a typeface that does not consist of thin lines that could look broken up to a motorist. Adding an outline to your text can help separate it from the background.

One-page Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) briefing guide shows how color combinations, contrast and readability can affect billboard ads.

Artwork Specs

One image. One logo. Seven words or less.

Use the following specifications to create a production file for the vast majority of our network.
Confirm Specs with your Account Executive. Some billboards may vary in size.

Billboard Design

Designing Your Billboard: Keep it Simple

The Best Ads Are Simple. Designs will need to be read from a distance. Display one idea or thought.