Indoor Advertising

Reach thousands of people

Exclusive indoor digital network system for local businesses

Advertise on high-definition, indoor billboards in the most
exclusive areas of your city with hyperspecific
measurements and best-in-class campaign management.

Create real-time, dynamic community messaging to amplify
your communications to customers and activate the local
economy. Indoor billboards are providing an authentic
connection to local businesses.

Keep yourself top of mind

Build word of mouth

Host businesses house our screens playing ads from other non-competing businesses and general broadcasting of their choice.
Indoor Billboard Bar Example


Dominate your neighborhood

Target your customers where they eat, shop, dine and exercise

Local businesses within the same corridor of town share most of the same customer base. Spend your advertising dollars to reach active consumers spending money in close proximity to your business.
Indoor Billboards Wichita Locations

Products & Support

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Place ads locally or nationally! We have indoor and outdoor billboard networks throughout the country.

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Our indoor signs are hard-wired to the host’s internet. Our system pings our server once an hour checking for new content.

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The indoor technology notifies a support team member if a screen is down for any reason. This allows us to easily reboot and troubleshoot screens remotely.

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Advertisements are effective because they are seen every four minutes between other paid ads and broadcasting.

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