14300 N. Kelly Avenue - 1001A

14300 N. Kelly Avenue Oklahoma City/Edmond Oklahoma 73013 United States
Structure ID: 1001A
Geopath ID: 30750477
Traffic Count: Geopath Weekly Impressions 18+: 31,405
Weekly Impressions: 40,314


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Digital Poster

N Facing

This structure sits across the street from major retailers and national chains. Walgreen’s, Lowe’s and several shopping centers. This billboards is located in close proximity to the largest on/off ramp to I-235 to OKC, Edmond Mile of Cars, the Pepsi Plant, Petra Industries and more! The train located near the sign stops traffic on average 60 times per day, allowing a captive audience to sit and watch as the digital scrolls through the ads. This intersection is one of the main arteries our of Edmond, joining up with I-235. Edmond is home to nearly 100,000 residents and sits 25 minutes (14 miles, near I-35, I-44 and I-40) north of Oklahoma City. Edmond maintains a strong sense of community and a hometown spirit!
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