1330 E. 17th Street #21330

Located in close proximity to Hutchinson and Trinity High School, numerous motels, Starbuck’s, Hutchinson Mall, Central Bank & Trust, Home Depot, Promise Regional Hospital and several restaurants. • Across the street consumers can find Kwik Shop and Timber Crossing. This intersection experiences high volumes of traffic during rush hours. Displays motion advertisements. Running time is from 5:00 a.m. to midnight.

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Billboard Details

Property ID: 21330
Media Type: Digital Poster
Height: 8
Width: 20
Length of Digital Ad: 8 seconds
Traffic Count VPD: 40,410
View Time: 10 seconds
Facing: East
Read: Right
Cross Reads: 17th Street & Lorraine
Latitude: 38.072752
Longitude: -97.904117
Illuminated Hours: 24
Artwork Dimension: 464x176 pixels, 96 dpi, RGB image, JPGE file MOTION ADS: 232x88 pixels, eight second AVI or MP4 file
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 64 seconds, 1350 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 2.13 minutes, 675 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 3.2 minutes, 450 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 4.26 minutes, 335 ads/day
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