Wichita Children’s Home Outdoor Advertising Bilingual Translations to Reach a Wider Audience and Demographic.

Every now and again an advertising campaign comes across our desk that we won’t forget – and this is one of them. We worked alongside the Wichita Children’s Home to raise awareness for Polaris. Polaris responds to sex and labor trafficking as they happen! Contrary to popular misconceptions, sex trafficking rarely begins with kidnapping by a stranger. Instead, sex traffickers groom their victims by using love – romantic love, friendship and familial love – to manipulate them into cooperating in their own exploitation.
In 2020, data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline showed that in situations where recruitment was known:
•42% of sex trafficking victims were recruited by a family member
•39% of sex trafficking victims were recruited by an intimate partner or marriage proposition
As an outdoor advertising company – messages like these are so important for us to share! It starts with awareness, and we are so happy that the Wichita Childrens Home chose us to work with.
We could not have put these boards together without the help and education from ICT S.O.S. and Claudia at AB&C Bilingual Services AB&C Bilingual Resources, LLC for the translations to reach a wider audience and demographic.

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