7201 E. Kellogg #27201

This billboard unit is visible to motorists traveling eastbound on Kellogg/Hwy. 54. The structure is surrounded by the largest auto dealer and retail corridor in Wichita. Towne East Mall, Eastgate Mall, Target and several other shopping centers sit in the area. Kellogg is used several times a day by motorists traveling to and from work. To the northeast of the billboard sits Eastborough, College Hill and other high-end neighborhoods.

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Billboard Details

Property ID: 27201
Media Type: Digital Poster
Height: 14
Width: 48
Length of Digital Ad: 8 seconds
Traffic Count VPD: 67,770
View Time: 14 seconds
Facing: East
Read: Right
Cross Reads: E. Kellogg & Armour
Latitude: 37.679898
Longitude: -97.254358
Illuminated Hours: 24
Artwork Dimension: 1800x500 pixels, 96 dpi, RGB image, JPEG file
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 64 seconds, 1350 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 2.13 minutes, 675 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 3.2 minutes, 450 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 4.26 minutes, 335 ads/day
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