1400 E 30th Avenue #21290

This billboard is located at the corner of Loarraine and 17th, in front of Kohl’s. From this intersection, heading east, are several national retailers and restaurtants: Kohl’s
Kwik Shop (Kroger), Starbucks, Freddy’s Frozen Custard, GNC, Qdoba, GameStop, Sprint, Target, AT&T, Applebee’s, Chili’s, RibCrib, MobileComm and Buffalo Wild Wings. This is the main corridor for Hutchinson’s residents to shop and dine!

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4 WK NET RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 64 seconds, 1350 ads/day
4 WK NET RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 2.13 minutes, 675 ads/day
4 WK NET RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 4.26 minutes, 335 ads/day
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