10723 W. Kellogg (West Face) #20723

This structure sits at W. Kellogg & Maize and catches motorists moving eastbound on Kellogg. This is a great billboard for targeting those coming into Wichita from Goddard and Maize suburbs. Maize and Goodard both have a median HHI of $65+ and attract families desiring one of the best school systems in the state of Kansas. Just east of the structure sits major car dealerships, national restaurants and retailers and the Wichita airport.

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Billboard Details

No. 20723
Media Type: Digital Bulletin
Traffic Count: 53,900
View Time: 15
Facing: West
Read: Right
Cross Reads: W. Kellogg & Maize Road
Height: 14
Width: 48
Dimensions: 846×234 96dpi
Length of ad: 8 seconds
Illumination Hours: 24
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 64 seconds, 1350 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 2.13 minutes, 675 ads/day
4 WK RATES: 8 sec. ad, every 4.26 minutes, 335 ads/day
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