Adding a digital screen to your business

Curious about digital signage?

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Indoor screens are a visual communication solution helping to inform, educate, entertain and communicate with customers and guests. There are plenty of benefits to adding a digital screen to your business. It is shown to increase sales, reduce perceived wait times, modernize buildings and reduce costs.


Think about it...

Upsell the experience of your business

Customers learn about the business, discover helpful
information and can navigate a building with ease by
viewing a digital screen. Not to mention, your customers
leave with a higher level of satisfaction.


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A trusted advertising partner

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It’s turnkey! Our pros install the indoor screens at our cost and will never interrupt your business.

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Receive an eight-second ad every four minutes in the loop of five nearby screens, rotated to maximize reach, at no cost, to provide a solid local base of media.

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Our team ensures no host will have advertisements for competing businesses on their screen. Change your ads when needed or set up a free Zoom session with our design team.

Indoor billboards act as community bulletin boards. They provide an authentic connection to local businesses.

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Access to special rates and discounts on 25+ outdoor digital billboards in Wichita and 100+ billboards across Kansas and Oklahoma.

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