Midwest Billboards will be the new home for the independent digital billboards across Kansas and Oklahoma.

On June 4, Midwest Billboards will be the new home for the independent digital billboards across Kansas and Oklahoma.

“As we approach Summer, we are looking forward to fresh starts and new beginnings. After nearly 12 years in the billboard industry, we have created a new home for the independent digital billboards,” said Elizabeth Farha, President of Midwest Billboards.

Farha has called Wichita her home since 1985 and she couldn’t be more proud of her hometown. Wichita is growing, hosting national events and a leader for arts and entertainment in the Midwest. Midwest Billboards wants to be part of the #ILoveWichita renaissance. Midwest Billboards will continue to support nonprofits with public service announcements and maintain involvement in area events and efforts.

Farha received several industry and regional awards in the last few years including 40 Under 40, Innovator of the Year and Marketer of the Year (media and marketing services sector). She attributes her allcolides to her love for Wichita and the Midwest.

“It took us a decade to create the digital network we have today. We are going to continue building digital billboards this Summer in some of Wichita’s most desired areas of town. There is no doubt there is room for growth,” said Farha.

Wichita is a special city and very different from major metropolitans and other cities of similar size. Wichita businesses want trusted advisors as part of their advertising and marketing team. Midwest Billboards will be just that. Their local team is eager to start working on campaigns for 2018.

Digital billboards have been placed in a traditional media category with print, radio and television. Midwest Billboards hopes to change that mindset and move digital billboards into the digital media category. Billboard campaigns are almost 4X more effective when they are cohesive with a business’ online messaging. “Think of billboards as banner ads and a windshield as a
computer screen,” said Farha.

Farha added, “Every billboard in the Midwest Billboards network is a very special relationship. Every client is treasured and we are very appreciative of the businesses and agencies that have followed us through the last decade.” Midwest Billboards will operate and sell 55+ digital billboards and static inventory as well as, access to other independent networks’ inventory … Making Midwest Billboards that largest independent network in the Midwest!

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